Wilson Bateman HSP

Wilson has been involved in safety for more than 30 years. (this is an old picture)

Wilson has held numerous safety positions including:

Plant Protection Officer

Union Safety Committee Representative IAM & AW, 

WHMIS Coordinator

Safety Trainer                           

                                               Safety Manager      

                                               Safety Director

                                               Regional Manager

                                              Senior Safety Consultant

                                              President, Global Training Edge Inc. 

He has provided safety consulting services to a wide range of fortune 500 companies on a global scale. He has worked in the mining industry, chemical industry, oil and gas, government, aerospace, utility, and manufacturing.

 Client Comments

I am not sure if you have a Consultant of the year award but I would like to formally submit Wilson for that award.  It would be hard for me to imagine ANYONE doing more than Wilson did for us.  I want to thank you, [name] and the many others for partnering with us to help make [client] a better and safer place to work.  Wilson to us is more than just a consultant he is a FRIEND.  I have worked for some large organizations in my day (GE, and General Dynamics to name a few).  I thought I had been a part of some high caliber training and people delivering that training.  Wilson by far has surpassed those individuals in my mind.


Wilson is the author of the World’s First Safety Self-Help Book entitled the 7 Safety Habits That Could Save Your Life. 

The book outlines 7 practical safety habits that have been promoted by world-class organizations to manage and improve safety performance. The habits are simple and are described in easy-to-use format that encourages the reader to evaluate their safety habits. Our approach includes a focus on traditional safety issues as well as human factors using the H-FILES Framework (Human Factors that Increase the Likelihood of Error).  

Comments from the National Safety Council

Wilson Bateman’s 7 Safety Habits That Could Save Your Life is a wonderfully organized manual that provides safety information in a fresh way. Taking a cue from existing self-help books, Mr. Bateman applies the efficiency of the self-help approach to safety science. 
The result is an easy-to-understand collection of the most important safety information available, organized in a way that readers can actually remember. In addition, as is the case with self-help books, the presentation not only communicates but also encourages the reader to contemplate, to ask questions, to get to the heart of why safety is so important, and in the process, reach a new level of understanding about this critical subject.

Co-Author, The Seven Pillars of Due Diligence

This book was written to help anyone reduce workplace injuries through the proper application of due diligence principles. Starting with a quick discussion of the origins and basics of due diligence, we then expand on what we have found to be the seven most important areas – the “pillars” – of due diligence.

We wrote this book not as legal text but as a user-friendly resource. It’s conversational and occasionally humorous tone and frequent use of examples and checklists reduces the intimidation sometimes associated with legal discussions. This makes the learning experience more enjoyable and the application far easier. We hope you enjoy our work and make good use of these principles.

Keynote & Conference Speaker

Wilson has been a Keynote Speaker and Conference Speaker for the last 20 years. He has spoken at fortune 500 companies and safety conferences across Canada and the United States.  Special events have included,  book signing, conference delegate meetings, video interviews, and conference workshops.

Topics include 7 Safety Habits, Behaviors Based Safety, Safety leadership, Westray Mine Disaster Lessons Learned, Due Diligence, Human Factors, and additional customized topics.  

Comments from Conference Organizer

Our organization recently had the pleasure of Wilson Bateman presenting at our annual Workplace Health and Safety Conference on Seven Safety Habits and the Positive Energy Program. Both sessions were extremely popular and very well received by participants.  Wilson is a very powerful speaker who left delegates feeling motivated and energized.  In fact, his sessions were such a successful part of our conference, we have asked him to return again as a presenter this year!