Frustration Factor

The Frustration Factor

The Frustration Factor is a three-part webinar and video series focusing on the emotion of frustration. We believe frustration contributes to error and injury. Our goal is to explore the emotion using the REC Model.

3 Videos 

  1. Recognition – Recognize Frustration (17 Minutes plus exercise)

  2. Evaluate – Evaluate the Impact of Frustration (12 Minutes)

  3. Control – Control or Manage Frustration (9 Minutes)

Training and supporting materials are available for each video. Flash Video Clips (FVC) are also provided for internal monitors. See below.

Part 1. Recognize Frustration

Frustration is one of the 10 Human Factors that Increase the Likelihood or Error or H-FILES. Frustration can also contribute to a Loss of Situational Awareness (SA). 

Part 2. Evaluate Frustration 

Recognize Evaluate & Control (REC Model)

What causes frustration? 

Internal or External Causes 

Part 3. Control Frustration 

Recognition Evaluation Control (REC)

Control techniques & countermeasures.

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Flash Video Clips (FVC) to highlight the Impact of Frustration