Keynote – Conference – Workshop – Webinar or Video 

The following videos are designed as a brief review of a conference or webinar presentation.  Video can also be designed to meet your specific needs. All videos are less than 2 minutes in duration. 

Leadership Workshop

Leadership First, Not Safety First. 

10 Steps to Safety Excellence. 


10 Steps to Safety Excellence

Leadership Safety Tour 

Wear the Gear 

Habit # 2. 7 Safety Habits for Life.

This workshop/webinar considers the use of the control hierarchy and applying it to human factor issues. 

Thinking Error

7 Thinking Errors. 

What is a thinking error? How does it apply to me? 

The Name Blame & Shame Game

Creating a Reporting Culture 

Recognize the Name Blame & Shame Game.

Habit # 6 of the 7 Safety Habits for Life. 

Human Factors


Human Factors that Increase the Likelihood of Error 

Error Management 

7 Safety Habits

What are the 7 Safety Habits?

Habit # 1. Think Safety’s HARD (Hazard Assessment Risk & Duty)

Traditional Safety & Human Factors


Why did I take this job? 

The role of the supervisor. 

Instructional Techniques


Engagement and participation before, during, and after the class.