Mighty 12 Human Performance Improvement Tools

12 Human Performance Improvement (HPI) Tools. This video / webinar series takes a look at the the Mighty 12. The aim is to promote the use of  HPI tools and techniques to improve safety performance and culture. 

Review the Mighty 12 Poster that outlines the concepts before you watch the videos.

What will you do today?

The Mighty 12 Toolbox Video Series

These videos are designed as toolbox talks to follow the webinar series. Each clip is two minutes long and comes with a short lesson plan to facilitate discussion. Review the user’s guide at the bottom of the list to get started. 

Questioning Attitude or Mindset

  1. What are the hazards?
  2. What are the risk?
  3. What controls are required?


Identify:  Error Likely Situations (ELS)


1 – 1 Safety Contact

Safety Responsibility

You are going to err, who’s going to help?

Close Call / SIF Call

I just had a close call.

SIF Potential

Stop & Pause

Human factors practical application.

Recognize Error & Manage Controls.



Human Error Management 

Stop work authority – the formal procedure

Field Guide 

Why do people get injured?

Human Nature 


Working memory

Risk perception


Error Likely Situation E.L.S.

System (work environment)

Task (complexity, new task, distraction)

People (new employees)

Error Traps 


Safety & Signature 

What does it mean when you sign or initial a document?

Be diligent, paper matters. 

Who Has Your Back?

Who is looking after you, when you engaged in a task? 


Strict Adherence to Procedures

Working memory is limited.

Review the procedure.

Don’t ignore procedures that are out of date. 


Users Guide 

Video usage phone or tablet. toolbox or briefing. 


  1. Discuss 
  2. Do
  3. Document
  4. Review