7 Safety Habits Complete Training Program

The Complete 7 Safety Habits Training Program. In -house training and coaching program. All materials in electronic format. You have complete control of the implementation. No paper, just progress.

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7 Safety Habits for Life

Implementing the 7 Safety Habits. includes the following materials in electronic format.

The materials are to be produced (printed by the client) and use on-site.


7 Safety Habits That Could Save Your Life book

  1.  Think Safety’s HARD
  2.  Wear the Gear
  3.  Avoid the Shortcuts
  4.  Send the Message
  5.  Support the Team
  6.  Recognize the Blame Game
  7.  Situational Awareness 




 7 Safety Habits Workbooks (to facilitate training)

  1. Personal Safety
  2. Team Approach
  3. System View
















Each of the workbooks is designed to address safety both on and off the job. The message is we care about your safety in all you do. Take the concepts home use them to protect your safety and the safety of your friends and family.


The video segment of the 7 Safety habits for Life contains several types of videos.

  1. 5 Minute Training Videos to be used with the workbook during training. They can also be used for toolbox reviews.
  2. 2 Minute Safety Talks – toolbox meetings
  3. Flash video clips to be used for awareness on internal monitors or Tv.  They can also be used on phones or tablets for field reviews.

Promotional & Awareness Tools



SAFETY ROI means Report Observe & Intervene. It forms part of the 7 Safety Habits Training Program.

Additional posters are also available.


(cognitive aids to support the training) are also included.


This card is designed to promote hazard and risk assessment by helping to develop a questioning attitude.

Think Safety is HARD (Hazard Assessment Risk and Duty)

Stop ( doesn’t feel right) Ask & answer the questions on the back of the card.

Do take action to address any issues.

Webinar – Train the Trainer

7 One hour webinar to develop internal trainers.

The webinar will be conducted by Wilson Bateman author of the 7 Safety Habits. They are designed for small groups 10 -15 people.

The webinars will be used to create a team of safety coaches that will deliver and support the initiative.

The webinar would be scheduled one month apart to assist the coach developed new techniques and apply them in the field.

Additional webinars may be required and an additional fee would be applied.


A licence fee is applied to the initiative and is based on the number of employees attending the training and the number of webinars.

Call for details.