10 Steps to Safety Excellence

Leadership First, Not Safety First

The following videos support our leadership & team initiative. Most videos are 2-5 minutes in duration. A different way to look at safety. We view people as error-prone and promote error management as a technique to support culture change. 

The series includes webinars and customized videos to meet the specific needs of your organization. 


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 Leadership First, Not Safety First

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Due diligence checklist, rev 7 2012 


 5 Step Model (Webinar)

       Module 1. Leadership First, Not Safety First.

       Module 2.The Supervisor & The Safety C.O.A.C.H.

       Module 3. SAFETEAM a common mindset.

       Module 4. Error-Prone & Human Error Awareness. 

       Module 5. Reporting Culture.   


Leadership First Videos

If you can’t manage safety, you can’t manage anything

Leadership First

This video is one example of the Leadership First approach. 

This clip is part of our webinar series and could be customized for your workplace.




Supervision- Safety Coach

The role of the supervisor. Safety can be difficult to manage, so what tools can you use to ensure safety performance. 


Human Factors

Error Management; Error-Prone Mindset  


The goal of every employee: leadership, supervision, management, contractor, employee. 

Promote Teamwork

Working with the entire team at the same time.

Aviation Tools

Situational Awareness, Decision Making, Communication 

Human Error Awareness 

Using webinars to introduce the Human Factors that Increase the Likelihood of Error (H-FILES).


People are error-prone so let’s look at error.

Simple Model

Discuss. Do. Document. Review. 

Close Call Reporting

Recognize the slips on the path to injury. Discuss error and error management techniques recognizing that people are error-prone. 

Create a culture where people understand errors and want to talk about it.  Eliminate the Name Blame and Shame Game.