SIF Prevention – The Critical 7, Life-Saving Rules 

Serious Injury & Fatality (SIF) Prevention starts with the Critical 7, Life-Saving Rules. Low probability, high consequence.

Consider the following SIF Prevention model:

  1. Human Error Management 
  2. Critical 7 Life Saving Rules (Cardinal Rules)
  3. Hazard Recognition & Reporting 
  4. The Safety C.O.A.C.H.
  5. Safety R.O.I. (Report Observe Intervene)
  6. Recognize the Blame Game (7 Safety Habits) 

Create a Critical 7, Life-Saving Rules Program for your Workplace. 


Critical 7 Life Saving Rules 

The following videos are designed to support the Critical 7 Life-Saving Rules webinar. The videos are designed as refreshers and can be customized to meet your specific needs. 

Each video is 2 minutes in duration and is designed for briefing or toolbox talks. 

The Critical 7 – Life-Saving Rules

Serious Injury & Fatality (SIF) Prevention

Site communication

Confined Space Entry & Human Error 

Error Management 

Critical 7 – Lockout Tagout 

 Serious Incident – hand Injury

  Verbal lockout Procedures – History 

  Incidents – Serious


  Specific Lockout Procedures 

Critical 7 – Fall Protection

 The 10-foot rope lanyard -History

 Fall Protection & Fall Arrest


 Importance of Anchor Points