Situational Awareness is a Life Skill. We apply Situational Awareness (SA) in all aspects of our life, most of the time without thinking about it. Our aim is to improve SA focusing on the team. What is SA? How does it apply to me? How can we improve SA?

The Frustration Factor is a three part webinar and video series focusing on the emotion of frustration. We believe frustration contributes to error and injury. Our goal is to explore the emotion using the REC Model.

My 3rd book!  Spoiler alert, it’s not about traditional safety – surprise! I have been thinking about thinking. Yeah, imagine that, thinking about thinking. I know that sounds a little different; aren’t we always thinking about thinking? Well, it turns out that we sometime don’t take our thoughts into consideration. What I have discovered over the years is that we are often thinking in a negative manner, contributing to stress and error. 

Have you ever felt that you made the wrong choice? Made the wrong decision? Not sure what happened? Did I have a choice? How did I make that decision? Could my decision-making process be improved? What is a decision-making process? 

The Team Observation Process (TOP) ensures a qualified and competent observation team. The team is focused on the task not the individual. The idea is to reduce blame and eliminate fear, to ensure an accurate and positive observation.

12 Human Performance Improvement (HPI) Tools. This video / webinar series takes a look at the the Mighty 12. The aim is to promote the use of  HPI tools and techniques to improve safety performance and culture.

Designed for your Leadership Team. If you can’t manage safety, you can’t manage anything. Take the TEST!