Situational Awareness a Life Skill

The History of Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness is a Life Skill. We apply Situational Awareness (SA) in all aspects of our lives, most of the time without even thinking about it. Our aim is to improve SA by focusing on the team and system. Our first video in the series describes the History of Situational Awareness (SA).

Common Questions: 

What is SA? 

How does it apply to me? 

How can we improve SA?

Why is SA important?


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The 7th Habit Situational Awareness

The 7th Habits is part of the 7 Safety habits That Could Save Your Life. The book outlined a series of habits designed to have a positive impact on safety on or off the job. The final habit is situational awareness (SA)

The OODA Loop model developed by Col.John Boyd is reviewed during this 12 minute video presentation. The video is part of the Situational Awareness (SA) webinar series. The video is designed to support the training after the webinar is complete. It could also be used as a stand alone refresher. 

The History of Situational Awareness.

The history helps to put the concepts into perspective. We consider this video as the starting point. The remaining videos discuss a variety of models ending with our model the 7th Habit Situational Awareness 

The Endsley Model of Situational Awareness. 

A model developed by Dr. Endsley. Mica Endsley was employed as the Chief Scientist of the United States Air Force. Her model of situational awareness is one of the most recognized. 

Flash Video Clips (FVC)

Designed for internal TV / monitor use, to create safety awareness and promote SA as a Life Skill.

5 Flash Video Clips (30 seconds per clip)